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What teacher participants say: more
“This was great; I will recommend it to other Math teachers.”

Summer Teachers Workshop at Bard College

Summer 2013: July 29 - August 2.

Summer Workshop 2013 (Canceled)

When: July 29 - August 2, 2013
Where: Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (map).
Accommodations: Will be provided.
Audience: Middle School Mathematics Teachers.
Theme: Volume and Surface Area
Registration fee: $445. See below for available discounts.

Join us this summer for our 5th annual workshop for middle school math teachers. The mathematical theme is Volume and Surface Area, which we will approach as learners, educators, and mathematicians. We offer collaborative problem sessions each morning, followed in the afternoons by enriching extension talks and seminars, all led by NY Math Circle instructors and Bard math professors. Participants will enjoy the backdrop of Bard College’s Annandale-on-Hudson campus, complete with its summer arts offerings.

We will address the following questions, and more:

How are surface area and volume defined, and what are the connections between them?

How are volume and surface area formulas (such as for prisms, cones, and spheres) established?

What is the history of the subject, from Euclid and Archimedes to the modern day?

What are some challenging (yet accessible) problems, as well hands-on math activities that will inspire our students and enrich our math classrooms?

Accommodations are provided. Graduate credit is available.

Registration Fees and Discounts

The full fee for the program is $445, which includes room and board, but not transportation to Bard. The following discounts are available, and may be combined:

  • Math for America public school teacher rebate of $150 (limited number; letter of recommendation from your principal required: download form).
  • Commuter discount of $150 (no room provided).

Registration Deadline: June 28, 2013.

Cancellation Policy

Registration may be cancelled until June 28 (the last Friday in June), and tuition will be refunded except for a cancellation fee of $50.

PD and Graduate Credit

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of participation and a letter documenting the 24 contact hours of the workshop. With approval from your principal, this could count as professional development hours. Graduate credit in education from Bard is also available. Additional fees and requirements apply. See Graduate credit information for more details.


Participants are responsible for their own transportation to Bard College (two hours north of NYC). We recommend taking the Amtrak train from NYC and will provide a Bard shuttle from the Rhinecliff train station. Parking on campus is free and plentiful, so driving or carpooling is another great alternative.

Comments from previous participants

Here’s what some previous participants had to say:

"A very enjoyable experience. Just the right amount of math each day and some great activities organized for us – Thank you!"

"Engaging presentations. It was a good opportunity to meet other math teachers and share good practice. Some excellent resources too!"

"Very well organized and commitment to staying on time." "I loved the problem sessions!"

"A great week! I hope to come again."

Past Years

This is our 5th summer workshop, and all have been great experiences. Here’s a brief summary of the previous four workshops:

2012: Math Enrichment at all Levels. Bard College, July 30-August 3. Session leaders: Dan Zaharopol, Lauren Rose, Jeff Suzuki, Sheila Shaffer, Japheth Wood, Larry Zimmerman, David Gomprecht, Jim Belk, Maria Belk, Mila Martynovsky, David Hankin, Sheila Krilov. Coordinators: Japheth Wood, Sheila Krilov, and Mila Martynovsky.

2011: Optimization and Inequalities. Bard College, July 25-29. Session leaders: Larry Zimmerman, Mary O'Keeffe, Henry Ricardo, Sheila Krilov, David Hankin, Jeff Suzuki, Jim Belk, Maria Belk, Lauren Rose, Sven Anderson, Greg Landweber, Arturo Portnoy, Sheila Krilov, Robert McGrail. Coordinators: Japheth Wood and Sheila Krilov.

2010: The Theorem of Pythagoras. Bard College, July 26-30. Session leaders: Mary O'Keeffe, Sheila Krilov, David Hankin, Jim Belk, Maria Belk, Gary Rubinstein, Lauren Rose, John Cullinan, Japheth Wood. Coordinators: Japheth Wood and Sheila Krilov.

2009: Inaugural program at Union College, July 27-30. Session leaders: Larry Zimmerman, David Hankin, Mary O'Keeffe, Sheila Krilov, Peg Smith. Coordinators: Japheth Wood and Sheila Krilov.