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Quotes from Participants

Weekly Classes  top

"Challenging problems exposed me to interesting topics which I hadn’t studied before."

- N.L., HS Spring '13

"I liked that I was taught to think outside of the box and was constantly challenged. "

- J.L., HS Spring '13

"Math circle is really fun and interesting and teachers are great. "

- MS Spring '13

"I enjoyed the challenging questions and the enthusiasm given in teaching math"

- S.S., MS Spring '13

"There were a few little “Aha!” moments that I had when a problem I never expected to understand was explained in a way that clicked."

- HS Fall '12

"Thank you for this wonderful program. I really feel like I have learned so much through NYMC! "

- MS Fall '12

"I loved learning so much, and trying to figure out fun, hard problems."

- MS Spring '12

"I liked that we talked about math in a different way from school. It was more problem solving than computation. "

- MS Spring '12

"I liked that we work together and learn a lot from each other and the teacher. It was fun to learn."

- MS Fall '11

"I really like everything! If the math was really hard, it was made easy by great explanations."

- MS Fall '11

"A great program with great teachers. Challenging and very fun."

- E.K., HS Fall '11

"We were forced to think about things we wouldn't normally think about."

- J.S., MS Spring '11

"The program was very interesting and made me become more interested in math. "

- MS Spring '11

"The teacher was very nice and the class was really helpful. It helped me to increase my knowledge in logic and other mathematics as well. I also made a lot of good friends."

- S.K., HS Fall '09

"I liked the environment set up by the teacher, Mr. Hankin, and I liked the overall maturity of the class. It was a bigger class this semester, but it had the feel of a small classroom. ... Thank you so much for allowing me to experience this program for the past two years. It has truly helped me be a better problem solver, and has helped me a great deal in my college process. "

- D.N., HS Fall '09

"I like everything, every single thing about the program."

- J.K., HS Fall '09

"I learned so much in this program. I really like Mr. Hankin, and I liked the problems we did. My favorite part was that we looked at stuff I had learned in class from a new angle, which was much more challenging."

- HS Fall '09

"We learned stuff we wouldn't learn in school for a while, if at all."

- A., MS Fall '09

"There were a large variety of problems and I liked working together as a group to solve them."

- J.Z., HS Spring '09

"I liked the fact that it was so 'far away' from what is considered 'school math'. Great program! "

- Parent of F.S., MS Spring '09

"It was very enjoyable for my daughter - fun and interesting and challenging."

- Parent of E.B., MS Spring '09

"I thought that the teachers were great. I learned more in those few hours than I learned in a full week at school."

- HS Spring '08

Summer Program  top

"I learned something new everyday. It was engaging and challenging. "

- HS Summer '12

"Very welcoming atmosphere; great teachers who create that atmosphere. "

- HS Summer '12

"The teachers and the staff were amazing and very caring. I never knew that we all would have so much fun and learn so much at the same time."

- S., HS Summer '10

"Great teacher. Great math questions. Great topics. Everything is great!"

- HS Summer '10

"I loved this program! I learned so much!"

- S.K., HS Summer '10

"I really liked the curriculum, because it covered what we will probably never learn in school."

- HS Summer '10

"It was the first summer math program in which I didn't complain about getting up early in the morning."

- HS Summer '09

"There was an extensive discussion of various intriguing branches of math done by excellent teachers. The topics covered had a way of coming full circle and being interrelated which was very interesting. The emphasis on proofs and deep-thinking will help many of us in current and future explorations in math."

- HS Summer '09

"I liked most the dynamic teaching, harder and more interesting than school math. Keep the free problem-solving time! Loved the field trips!"

- HS Summer '08

"It was a great learning experience. Teachers introduced problems in entertaining ways, and helped us understand seemingly simple problems in much deeper ways."

- HS Summer '08

"It was so much fun!"

- HS Summer '08

Teacher Programs  top

"I enjoyed doing problems that I knew would challenge and engage my kids. "

- Summer '12

"It was a great opportunity to meet other math teachers and share some good practice. Some excellent resources too!"

- Summer '12

"I thought this was an outstanding course and well presented with a plethora of examples and resources."

- E.B., Spring '12

"I like the variety of topics covered within a specific area of math. I feel like it really broadened my mathematical knowledge. "

- Summer '11

"These are problems that I wouldn't normally be exposed to either in a class I would take or teach! "

- R.D., Spring '11

"Thank you for a great week. Loved the energy and enthusiasm from people who love math. Also really enjoyed the personal challenge of dealing with high level math problems / questions."

- Summer '10

"The week makes me want to keep getting better and better at math, regardless of the level I teach. It's wonderful to learn from true mathematicians, plus to meet other dedicated teachers."

- Summer '10

"Good job! Hope many MS teachers can avail of this kind of seminar–workshop."

- Summer '10

"I liked the mix or balance of professors & public school teachers as presenters."

- Summer '10

"This week was extremely well planned. I appreciate it!"

- Summer '10

"Well planned. Tied to theme. Kept on schedule."

- Summer '10

"Honestly, I think everything was really great."

- Summer '10

"I thought this whole thing was EXTREMELY organized which was nice. It was clear a lot of effort was put into the organization."

- Summer '10

"I learned a lot and was really happy and challenged! The summer camaraderie is wonderful. (And so was the ice cream!)"

- Summer '10

"Thank you for all of your hard work. It was a valuable and enjoyable experience! I am already looking forward to next year!"

- Summer '10

"I have enjoyed every course Larry has presented. [He] has shown me new ways to teach topics, and has given a plethora of valuable problems. He is a gem - one of a kind."

- E.B., Fall '09

"Some of my best lessons were taught the day after one of these sessions."

- S.K., Fall '09

"[I liked the most] Larry's emphasis on developing a concept fully -- to continue to build on basics and ask the next question that pushes the thinking to the next level. "

- Fall '09

"The course revived my basis of calculus and made me feel proud to belong to the same profession as Prof. Z. "

- E.K., Fall '09

"The NY Math Circle (for teachers) Summer Conference at Union College was awesome! Not only have I improved my math ability but I made new friends. "

- Summer '09

"The camaraderie and the workshops were TERRIFIC! The presenters were exemplary."

- Summer '09

"I liked the fast paced, enthusiastic teaching. It was great to touch on so many topics. Very interesting approach to problems."

- Fall '07

"I love the way the theory was proved ... Everything was presented in a simple way and yet the topics were very deep in substance."

- Fall '07