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Quotes from Participants

Weekly Classes  top

"We were forced to think about things we wouldn't normally think about."

- J.S., MS Spring '11

"The program was very interesting and made me become more interested in math. "

- MS Spring '11

"There were a few little “Aha!” moments that I had when a problem I never expected to understand was explained in a way that clicked."

- HS Fall '12

"Thank you for this wonderful program. I really feel like I have learned so much through NYMC! "

- MS Fall '12

"Challenging problems exposed me to interesting topics which I hadn’t studied before."

- N.L., HS Spring '13

"I liked that I was taught to think outside of the box and was constantly challenged. "

- J.L., HS Spring '13

"Math circle is really fun and interesting and teachers are great. "

- MS Spring '13

"I enjoyed the challenging questions and the enthusiasm given in teaching math"

- S.S., MS Spring '13

"My favorite topic was the pigeonhole principle. I look forward to every class"

- B., MS Fall '17

"The program is interesting and the variety of topics is great"

- MS Fall '17

"I really enjoyed having Ms. Lee as a teacher and I deeply want to thank her"

- MS Fall '17

"MC is awesome!"

- G., MS Fall '17

"Everything was and is great! For the future, I only expect more reinforcement! Please let Jan Siwanowicz stay on HSB!"

- R., HS Fall '17

"Induction was my favorite topic - Jan is an amazing teacher"

- K., HS Fall '17

"I enjoyed the topology proof of infinite primes - I enjoyed the contests too!"

- HS Fall '17

"I enjoyed the knot activity - my teacher was extremely good at making the class engaging."

- HS Fall '17

"He is the most amazing teacher I have ever had"

- E., HS Fall '17

"I really enjoyed the logic problems we did towards the end of the year. It really made me think out of the box"

- MS Fall '17

Summer Program  top

"It was very hard, but I loved learning about projective space with Mr. Gomprecht and Jan!"

- HS Summer '17

"I thought the Cauchy-Schwarz problems were cool."

- HS Summer '17

"I enjoyed the focus on proofs and feel that this experience has made me a better writer of proofs"

- M., HS Summer '17

"enjoyed this program very much and I learned about topics I had no background in, which was exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you."

- HS Summer '17

"My favorite topic was learning about different sizes of infinity."

- HS Summer '17

"A really fun program - I will definitely attend again in the future."

- N., HS Summer '17

"It was interactive, teachers were nice and it was fun to meet new people."

- R., HS Summer '16

"I really liked the structure of the program where we learned new topics in the morning and solved interesting problems in the afternoon session."

- HS Summer '16

"It was including many areas of math, both that are fun and challenging."

- HS Summer '16

"I liked how we went over multiple different ways of solving the same problem."

- HS Summer '16

"I liked that the students did most of the work and taught the solution and that the instructors filled in the gaps."

- HS Summer '16

"The instructors encouraged us to explore mathematical ideas on our own."

- HS Summer '16

"I liked how we were able to learn a lot of interesting math we don't learn in school."

- HS Summer '16

"This math program was both fun and educational. I learned about many interesting mathematics problems and picked up a few problem-solving tricks to help me in school."

- HS Summer '18

"Great program giving a chance to be a part of an inspiring community."

- HS Summer '18

"I think that this camp was really fun. I would always want it to last longer."

- E.C., MSHS Summer '19

"My favorite topic was using the Pythagorean Theorem to find the areas of triangles and squares which were not on the grid lines, especially the radical-2 rule for isosceles right triangles."

- M.S., MSHS Summer '19

"I liked working with groups and Cayley diagrams and I would like to learn more about geometry."

- MSHS Summer '19

"I learned a lot of strategies and geometry theorems/postulates from this class and I really enjoyed it."

- MSHS Summer '19

"I liked the logic puzzles and relay races that we did at the end of class. They really encouraged students to work together with each other and it was a fun learning experience."

- MSHS Summer '19

"I liked the NYMC online learning environment. It was a good experience for me."

- H.A., HS Summer '20

"I think you guys are already doing an amazing job with the limited amount of materials presented to you, while still giving the students a very interactive classroom feeling. Since I don't have any suggestions, I'm going to say to keep doing what you're doing!"

- G.Y., HS Summer '20

"I feel that my experience with online learning in this program has allowed me to sufficiently understand the learning material; there isn't much that can be improved with how the program is set up virtually."

- C.L., HS Summer '20

"I think the way it is now is good. It is similar to in-person classes, and we do a mini-contest every week, which I think is helpful."

- E.J., HS Summer '20

"Dr. Miller has been extremely helpful. She is always very energetic and happy to teach which inspires us as students. The same applies to Joseph Cantelmi. I missed the first week and he completely caught me up reteaching the material in a short amount of time."

- S.D., MSHS Summer '21

"Dr. Miller really encouraged us to try out the harder problems. She said that math is supposed to be hard and that whether we are wrong or right, we are learning. I feel like her attitude really helped lift up the whole class. This attitude is really helpful in online learning."

- R.K., MSHS Summer '21

"I think the learning environment has been great. One thing specifically MSB did (my class) that wasn't officially required was that one of the students created a discord server, which helped us communicate with each other about math problems."

- B.W., MSHS Summer '21

"This course helped me practice and improve my skills in algebra and geometry. It also helped me become better at working in a team to solve math problems and enhance my math presentation skills. I especially liked the BlockCity project."

- V.H., MSHS Summer '21

"I really liked the use of pear deck because we were given slides that we can use to annotate and do our work on"

- L.L., MSHS Summer '21

"I loved this class very much. Jayson and Ms. Feurtado were really helpful, smart, and nice. I made many friends too! I was an introvert in the beginning but the Ms. Feurtado and Jayson were very friendly which made me kind of turn into a extrovert. My classmates were really nice and easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend Ms. Feurtado and Jayson. I think that they are the best pair of instructor+TA. I enjoyed this class very much. It helped me in numerous ways. I'm really looking forward to the next time (if there is D:) Everything was so simple after the instructor and TA explained it. I had lots of fun. I would say that these two weeks were the best days of my life."

- S.W., MSHS Summer '21

"Very academically demanding but was very fun."

- J.K., MSHS Summer '21

"Honestly, I have not seen anyone do online learning better than this! I felt that my professor got to know students' strengths and weaknesses to help them better understand concepts. The class moved at a relatively fast speed, and it was always amazing."

- J.C., HS Summer '21

Teacher Programs  top

"These are problems that I wouldn't normally be exposed to either in a class I would take or teach! "

- R.D., Spring '11