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About New York Math Circle

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support and assistance:
 Courant Institute of New York University
 Center for Mathematical Talent at NYU
 Bard College
 Weekend College @ Queens College
 Math for America
 The American Mathematics Society's Epsilon Fund
 American Institute of Mathematics
 Art of Problem Solving Foundation

Who We Are

NYMC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching and supplementing Mathematical education in New York City. It seeks to stimulate the enjoyment, appreciation and knowledge of Mathematics through problem solving and guided discovery, both in our classes for students, and through courses for teachers.

NYMC provides the means for students to actively pursue a wide range of Mathematical investigations, to engage in creative problem solving and posing, and to better understand the subtleties of Mathematical ideas including the nature and construction of proofs. Students will appreciate the intrinsic beauty of Mathematics through classical and non-routine problems and ingenious solutions, and will become aware of the enormous power of Mathematics in a variety of settings. Our classes supplement standard curriculum, significantly strengthen and solidify students' existing knowledge, and cultivate motivation and capacity for further studies.

Our staff includes both volunteers and paid teachers. Our teachers are among the best in New York City. See the page with the list of our faculty.

Organization Info

New York Math Circle is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Tax ID (or EIN): 26-1162539.

Mailing address:

New York Math Circle
Old Chelsea Station
P.O.Box 1992
New York, NY 10113-1992

Our latest annual filings of New York State CHAR500 form (which include a copy of the IRS form 990EZ), are: June 2012, June 2013, June 2014, and June 2015. More official documents are available on our CharitiesNYS page.

Our Mission

NYMC offers interested students from around New York City an opportunity to grow intellectually and personally through learning of Mathematics and related subjects from exceptional teachers in a friendly enriched atmosphere. It encourages and supports excellent teaching of Mathematics through courses for teachers and other programs.

Our Teaching Style

Our class setting is always casual, friendly, and designed to promote inquiry. Material is presented gently and without stressing fast-paced acquisition of skills or memorization of facts. Most skills are acquired by means of carefully selected problems that lead to deeper and deeper conceptual understanding and consequent mastery of new techniques. Always there is a sense of learning taking place as new ideas are explored and new questions are posed. Students are encouraged to constantly question what they know, and break away from accepting everything at face value. In addition to solving problems, they are encouraged to create and pose their own original problems. Good verbal skills are fostered, including proper use of the Mathematical language. Students are infused with a spirit of discovery, surprise, wonder, enchantment, and ultimately the joy of real understanding and pride in individual accomplishment. The students are taught to tackle the unfamiliar and develop techniques to approach general problems rather than mimic a model solution. Analytical thinking is ever present and becomes an acquired attribute of the maturing Math student. Emphasis is placed on proper forms of presentation, both written and oral, and the need for explanation and justification. Many questions are purposefully left unsolved initially, with teachers ever wary not to let their own enthusiasm tread on the students’ path to discovery.