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“I enjoyed the numerous fun problems and the interesting lectures.”


The New York Math Circle offers interested students an opportunity to develop reasoning and problem solving skills through exploration of Mathematics. Read more about us here. And check out some problems for a taste of Mathematics we enjoy.

Status - Fall 2020

Fall 2020 is OPEN

Saturday: 12/5
Sunday: 12/6

Schedule: All classes are held ONLINE. AM sessions are from 10-12, PM sessions are from 1-3

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At NYMC students will encounter a wide range of topics, solve challenging problems, make exciting discoveries, and meet fascinating people. Exceptional instructors teach intriguing and challenging yet very accessible Mathematics in an informal and friendly atmosphere. We call it a rich mathematical experience. Read more about our student classes, or read what students themselves have to say.


In addition to student Math Circles, NYMC offers courses for teachers, to encourage and support excellent teaching of Mathematics. You can read their comments.