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Registration for "Summer High School Math Circle"

When: July 20 - August 6, 2020, Monday - Friday, 10am - 3pm.
Lunches will be provided.
Where: NYU Courant Institute, 251 Mercer St (map).
Exam Dates:
1. Saturday, March 7, 2020:
2. Sunday, March 8, 2020:
3. Saturday, April 4, 2020:
4. Sunday, April 5, 2020:
Application Requirements: Completed application and qualifying exam.
See Application Process below.
Registration fee: $775. (Fee may be reduced based on financial need)

Parental consent is required. If the cost presents a financial hardship for your family, you will have the opportunity to request a fee reduction if you are invited to the program.

Registration does not guarantee admission. The program page contains full details.

Required fields are bold.


(as of Spring 2020)   Gender: M F

The student’s parent or legal guardian must read and fill out the portion below:

I am giving permission for the student named above to attend classes at New York Math Circle. I acknowledge that I am aware of the nature of the program, and I assume all risks associated with participation. I also agree to take full responsibility for the student’s transportation to and from the site. I understand that students may have their participation terminated if they fail to observe reasonable rules of good conduct, or if they disrupt the learning of others. I also acknowledge that participation in NYMC is completely voluntary and will not result in academic credit.

I confirm that I am the student's parent or legal guardian, and that I agree with the above.